Mirabilis Branco 2022
Mirabilis Branco 2022

Mirabilis Branco 2022

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Mirabilis Tinto is inspired by the line of the world's great wines, where textures, aromas, gravity and transparency are created.
After a careful selection of the best plots and a vintage manicure, this lot comes into conflict with the origin of the raw material, putting aside the concept of terroir.
It is an unrepeatable wine, not copiable year after year, with a heterogeneous composition of small quantities, a few liters of each of our best barrels, undergoing a long tasting skill until the final result.
Mirabilis Tinto mirrors the wine years with greater depth of Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, reflected in a dense wine, intense in aromas, three-dimensional, of enormous physical persistence, deep and very precise.
A wine that goes beyond our understanding ... and calmly approaches human maturity.