Mirabilis Tinto 2017
Mirabilis Tinto 2017

Mirabilis Tinto 2017

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Mirabilis Tinto is inspired by the world's finest wines, creating textures, aromas, gravity and transparency.
After careful selection of the best plots and careful hand-harvesting, this lot enters into conflict with the origin of the raw material, displacing the concept of the terroir.
It is a unique wine, never the same from one year to the next, with a heterogeneous composition of small quantities, a few litres taken from each of our finest barrels, and then subjected to a long period of tasting until attaining the final result.
Mirabilis Tinto mirrors the best vintage years at the Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, reflected in a dense, intense aroma, and a full-bodied wine, with tremendous physical persistence, and a deep and very precise finish.
A wine that extends beyond our understanding ... and draws close to full human maturity.