Mirabilis Branco 2018
Mirabilis Branco 2018

Mirabilis Branco 2018

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Mirabilis, as implied by its Latin name, is a wonderful wine. Since 2008, we have studied the possibility of preparing a Great Douro White wine and during a 4-year period we worked meticulously in the endless search for small farmers with old and very old vines. At the same time we monitored several years of study of maturation in bottle of different lots to understand the perfect marriage with the oak barrels. Finally, we decided to take a long trip to Burgundy and managed to achieve the final touch we needed to create a wonderful white wine!
Mirabilis Branco is a sublime wine, soft and crunchy in the mouth, that uses grapes from centuries-old vines, in particular Viosinho and Gouveio grape varieties, and also many other grape varieties that have very low production levels, which are almost non-existent in the region.
Small, tight bunches with single grapes, means that the yield per hectare is below 2300 kg, in soils above 500 metres in altitude, geologically classified as schist / granitic transition soils, in the parishes of Vilar de Maçada, Cabeda, Tabuaço and Candedo that endow impressive genuineness to the musts.
The chosen oak barrels is purposely from the second or third year, with only a small percentage of new wood, so as not to mark and to ensure slow integration of the intense fruit, focusing primarily on French and Hungarian oak barrels, resulting in an extremely elegant wine, that combines freshness and acidity.